Sweet Rock Incense Powder *CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK*

This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock

Sweet Rock Incense Powder

Sweet Rock Incense Powder specially made to burn in our Sweet Rock Incense burners.  

This is the purest incense giving you a true fragrance with no charcoal, glue, adhesives that would alter the fragrance.  

All ashes are contained in the burner until you are ready to brush it out and refill.  Several different fragrances are available.  

Made in USA

PLEASE NOTE CURRENTLY OUT OF POWDER,    LIMITED INVENTORY ON BURNERS:   The Sweet Rock company was sold last year and the new buyer has not started manufacturing  powder as of yet.  I called them to get a production date and was informed that due to the pandemic  the manufacturing has been put on hold.  Estimated date to start is early spring 2021, No updates as of yet.