Every Art of the Soul order is very special to me, however there are a few that stand out most. 

The first one was an order that I receive through a local funeral home.  The order was for a pendant, key fob, and two memory stones, one of them being the Heart On Heart design.  When I delivered the order I heard this very sad story.  A pregnant woman was ready to deliver her twin baby girls,  while her husband and son patiently waited.  Tragically one of the girls did not survive the delivery.  The Heart On Heart memory stone was made to give to the surviving twin when she is old enough to understand the loss of her sister.  She will always have a part of her twin with her always. 

Another order I received was that of a young woman who was busy making her wedding plans.  Sadly, she lost her Mother about a year before the special day.  This woman wanted to have her Mom with her when she walked down the aisle.  She had me create a heart pendant that would be tied around her bouquet for her special day and then be able to wear as a pendant after the big day.

If I can help in healing or giving comfort by creating these special pieces I feel I have put my gift to good use. 

Here's what others are saying about Lorie's work:

I love the art Lorie creates, it is very high quality and very well priced.  I have had her make several photo stones of my pets that have passed on and I carry them with me always.    

RM  Santa Rosa, CA

In May of 2008, I attended "The Day Under the Oaks" at Santa Rosa Junior College.  I met this delightful lady who was selling dichroic glass jewelry.  I had just lost my brother-in-law, who I had been taking care of.  He was an apple farmer and she told me she could  fuse ashes into glass.  So she designed pieces for me with the apple motif and his ashes.  I handed them to family members at the memorial, in his apple orchard in Bolinis.  She is the greatest and I am always recommending her.  

JJ Santa Rosa, CA

We were devastated when we learned our beloved Teddy had cancer.  When we had to let him go it left a hole in our hearts.  We were so grateful to meet Lorie at an art show and learn about the Art of the Soul line.  We had her make a paw for us.  Every time we see it, it warms our heart and makes us think of our little man.

MG Santa Rosa, CA