Fused Glass & More

Lorie has created many designs that you will see when you visit our online store.Lorie Inspirations is now offering addition lines of jewelry. All the lines will be found in fused glass section of our shopping cart.

Our fused glass line has been cut by hand and kiln fired up to 1450 degrees. After the first firing they are cut again, then shaped on a grinder and again fired. Each firing takes at least 8 hours. (Some pieces are fired up to 3 or 4 times). If the piece satisfies Lorie's high standards, they are then finished with jewelry findings and ready to wear and enjoy.

Many of the pieces were created using Dichroic glass. Additionally, some of the pendants have been wrapped with sterling silver or gold filled wire for that special touch.

Our earrings are finished with either gold filled or sterling silver earwires. All our post earrings are finished with sterling silver.

Our Lapidary line include beautiful natural stones including labradorite, agate and dinosaur bone. All pieces have been hand cut and carefully polished to bring out the nature beauty.

Pendants, Earrings and Keyfobs are located in the Fused Glass jewelry section of our online store. .

Nightlights, Wind chimes, Clocks, Plates and Bowls are located in the fused glass other section of our online store. .

We have tried to take the best photos possible, but it is truly impossible to capture the depth, color and beauty of each piece in a photograph due to lighting and reflection.

What is Dichroic glass?

Dichroic (Die-Crow-Ick) (two colors) is a beautiful glimmering glass originally developed for the aeronautics industry. It is manufactured in a vacuum chamber where an electron beam deposits many microscopic layers of metallic oxides on glass. These metallic oxides transmit certain light wavelengths while reflecting others producing a rich iridescent effect.

Dichroic glass was discovered by bead makers in the early 1990's and has rapidly become adopted as a favorite medium for glass artists.

Variations in the glass

Each item is a hand-crafted, unique piece of art. Due to the properties of the glass, the exact size and design may vary and cannot be guaranteed. The small "blemishes" and "imperfections" found in fused glass add character and uncommon beauty.

Overall size will vary depending on piece