About the Artist

Lorie Marsh resides in beautiful Northern California with her beloved husband of 36 years, two cherished dogs, and one very independent cat. Her joy and inspiration are derived from her profound love for her family and pets, and her deep appreciation for the beauty of nature.

Lorie has an extensive Art background and it has always been foremost in her life. When not creating art glass in her studio, Lorie can be seen playing with her pets, taking photographs, enjoying the ocean or even scuba diving, along with many other activities. Much of her artistic inspiration is derived from these sources.

Lorie first saw dichroic glass jewelry in 2004, and it was love at first sight. She took a class to learn the basics, started experimenting with technique and design, and developed the pieces of art that you see today. Now, this creative expression has become Lorie's passion.

The inspiration for Art of the Soul came to Lorie after a heart-wrenching experience in her own life. While Lorie was on vacation, her beloved Sheltie, Sable, passed away suddenly. Adding to the pain from that loss, Sable had to be cremated before Lorie could return. She agonized over not being able to have a special keepsake to keep Sable's memory alive and her essence forever present in her life.

Then one day, while working in her studio, inspiration struck! She realized that many people long for the same thing, a truly special keepsake of their Loved One, be they pet, family member, or friend. She began work on a design for a "memory stone", one that would preserve and protect a Loved One's essence forever.

From that point forward, Lorie has been producing these magnificent, one-of-a-kind, art glass pendants which encase a small portion of a Loved One's ashes. Her clients report that these lovely glass keepsakes are treasures that provide them comfort, healing, and a deep sense of peace. As so often happens, in the process of trying to help others, Lorie has derived the same comfort, healing, and peace for herself.

Please contact Lorie today. For each Art of the Soul purchase, a donation will be made to your charity of choice.

Current member of Sebastopol Center for the Arts and Kiln Formed Glass Alliance.